Points Page

Hey guys! This is the points page! So ill tell you how you can get points and what the value is:

Random comments: 10 points each

E mail me coin/toy codes. (Once i get 2 or 3 we can have contests for them): 100 points

Win the points contest or or just contests on the site: 25 for the points contest and it depends on the contest on the site.

Making great videos: Depends on the awesomeness. Lol.

This is a one time thing: Make me a header: 95 points

Now here are the prizes:

20 points: Site on the blogroll

40 points: Hang out on cp for 1 and a half hours

50 points: Add me

65 points: Add me and Hoppy

80 points: Be in one of my videos

100 points: Host a party

160 points: Be an author on my site

Points contest:

Today is a quiz!

1. What was club penguins first game?

2. What is the biggest cp army?

3. Did the night club change at all when disney bought cp?

4. Was there ever a vase in the igloo catolouge?

5. What is the name of one of the new servers that starts with S?

E mail me at: kopaka6464@yahoo.com to donate coin/toy codes



7 Responses

  1. disney did not buy cpthey just sponsor it

  2. I could make a header! I dont have that thing so I could put it in posts 😦

    Kopaka100 says: Well that doesnt really matter. You just need to put it on the header polace you dont need to put it in posts.

  3. Yeah but im not a administrator

  4. 0.o u copied me and iscools cptv points page idea
    Hoppybird6: Yeah almost all the sites that I know did. Hey do you want to be a author of my site?

  5. ^^^ rofl xD ur lucky dance came on ur site 😛

  6. cats urine glows under a purple light 🙂

    Kopaka100 says: LOL!

  7. I like cats shiny eyes 😀

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