Pandanda contest

Hey guys! Im trying to win a contest to get a 12 month member ship on pandanda! Go to ! It’s the coolest website for updates secrets contests and parties on the internet! (it could be at least :lol:)


Movie night was forgotten (by me)

Ok, Im sorry. I was working on our movie. Ill tell you the cast, Rythym, Nsdtv, Data762, and finnaly…… ME!  I dont even know what the movies called! 😆 Were trying our best to finish the movie! Im also sorry if you popped your best batch of popcorn and waited 😆

Sensei or Halloween?

OKAY FIRST OF ALL SENSI IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!! First a weird sky, then a volcano, and now a storm? What if its the halloween party. Last year it was like that so we can discover the true dojo, and on the halloween party when theres a flash of light it looks like you can see a ninja! Heres a pic.

CP Halloween Storm 2009

 Weird huh? Well I want to know what that Sensei is doing because its just plain crazy! I bet that Charmy will be getting driving nuts too (heh heh) ~Hopps!

Movie nights!

Hi guys! Its Kopaka. I just wanted to tell you, i will be having a movie night every Saturday! So when its Saturday pop some Popcorn, make a slushy, have a candy bar, and watch the movie! This weeks theme is…….. a Halloween Spook-O-Thon! So put on some sticky socks cause they might come off from the scariness! Remember every Saturday! Ok well I guess thats it!


Finally A Weekend!

Well its finally a weekend! I cant wait for my soccer game! Im also adding new widgets! So look for some updates to the site! 😀


Did you see my new gravatar?

Well i changed my gravatar. I also had my first track race today! It was TOUGH!!!!!!!! I mean it was like 1 mile! I got 22nd with a time of 8.38. I always kinda suck on the first race 😆


New Header!

Hey guys! If you noticed I have a new header! I would say so far its my best. Yeah not so good but I am not the best at editing.