Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt Items!

First click the fireplace wood.

Next click the burning candle.

Now click the black puffle that looks different from the others.

Now click the lantern.

Click the hot sauce bottle now.

Now click the fire in the firepit.

Now click the jetpack.

Now click the left dojo lantern

Click “Claim Prize” and you will see that you have found the fire pin!

This is what it looks like on my player card. Personally, I think its cool!

Well hope this helps!

~Ko Ko aka Kopaka



Hey!!! If you noiticed I got a new theme and heder for you! If you dont like it then you can change it back. Plus I am going to have a picture party! I need the BEST looking star and three paparazzi‘s to be in my video so good luck!

When: August 27 at 7:00 cp time

Server: Snowball

Where: My Iggy on the map

Why: I am going to put pictures ON the blog

Theme: Superstar or paparazzi!

I hope you can come 😀


Update: It will be at 4:00 cp time on server ice berg INGORE THE WIDGET ON MY SITE

Soccer practice and a party!

Hi guys! Its kopaka! So i had my first soccer practice yesterday! It was like 112 degrees outside!!! I like: OMG Why is it so hot out here?!?!  We got our uniforms and our team name is Inferno! So im also having a party! Heres the info!

Time: 1:00 CP time

Server: Snow board

Place: Kopaka100’s igloo on the map

Day: July 29

Hope to see you there!