Hey guys! Well this isnt really about cp.. But its cool! Ok so on poptropica ( if you havent heard of poptropica this is the link: poptropica.com ) So they have this Wizard of Waverly place quest that you go on. Its like the movie! You have to find the stone of dreams! So you have to go to “early poptropica” and right of the soda pop shop there should be a Safe kind of thing so go in and go right and you see a guy. Talk to him and he will say “which wand do you want to use on your quest” I picked Alex’s. So You have to go though the trees without spiders getting you. After that, You see a sparkling rock. So click the rock and it will form a bridge.  So stay on the rocks or you will fall and you will have to climb up again. So then you go into this cave and go through it. Then you find the stone of dreams oooo aaaa. THEN RUN OUT OF THE CAVE REALLY FAST BECAUSE THERE WAS A BOOBIETRAP!!!! SAO RUN REALLY FAST THOUGH EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!! Then talk to that guy again. He will give you “The family wand” And “The forbidden spells book” Use the forbidden spells book and you will change into different Poptropica people! Its cool! People crowded me lol. So use this guide to do it! If you dont have a poptropica account go to http://www.poptropica.com and make one!



Im back!

Ok im back so ill get back to work on the new pages! 😀


Well im going on vacation for 2 weeks! Bye!


Hi guys its Kopaka! I got a sunburn yesterday 😦 I went swimming at my friends house and i forgot to put sunscreen on my back. So i got a sunburn on my back wherever my swimsuit didnt cover. AND IT STINGS REALLY BAD!!!!!!! I just took a shower and it hurts even more!!!! But it looks funny because its the pattern of my swimsuit. LOL!!!!! But i hope it goes away quickly!


Change of server!

Hey guys dont forget about my party today! Its a new server!

Time: 1:00 Cp Time
Place: Kopaka100’s igloo on the map
Server: Glacier
Hope you can come!!

Fiesta la taco bell!

Well by the title you can see i went to taco bell  tonight. (Or if you dont speak spanish which i dont you might not have known lol) Well i had a regular taco with melted cheese and fiesta potatos!!!!! YUM!!!!!!! I love fiesta potatos!!!!! They are so good! Next time you go to taco bell try them! Also i will be making some new pages! So look out for them! They include: My stories page, Points page, And my Total Drama action! They will be fully finished my around August 4. Well i think thats about it! Cya!


Soccer practice and a party!

Hi guys! Its kopaka! So i had my first soccer practice yesterday! It was like 112 degrees outside!!! I like: OMG Why is it so hot out here?!?!  We got our uniforms and our team name is Inferno! So im also having a party! Heres the info!

Time: 1:00 CP time

Server: Snow board

Place: Kopaka100’s igloo on the map

Day: July 29

Hope to see you there!