Sensei or Halloween?

OKAY FIRST OF ALL SENSI IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!! First a weird sky, then a volcano, and now a storm? What if its the halloween party. Last year it was like that so we can discover the true dojo, and on the halloween party when theres a flash of light it looks like you can see a ninja! Heres a pic.

CP Halloween Storm 2009

 Weird huh? Well I want to know what that Sensei is doing because its just plain crazy! I bet that Charmy will be getting driving nuts too (heh heh) ~Hopps!


New Header!

Hey guys! If you noticed I have a new header! I would say so far its my best. Yeah not so good but I am not the best at editing.


Clubpenguin SWFs Rooms

Here they are!
Coffe Shop
Book Room
Dance Club
Dance Lounge
Gift Shop
Sky Village
Sky Lodge
Pet Shop

The Command Room
The Backstage
The Dojo
Dojo Courtyard
Ninja Hideout
Pirate Ship
Pirate Ship Crow’s Nest
Ice Berg
Boiler Room
Pizza Parlor

Its really cool because its just like your on clubpenguin with no penguins!


Hey!!! If you noiticed I got a new theme and heder for you! If you dont like it then you can change it back. Plus I am going to have a picture party! I need the BEST looking star and three paparazzi‘s to be in my video so good luck!

When: August 27 at 7:00 cp time

Server: Snowball

Where: My Iggy on the map

Why: I am going to put pictures ON the blog

Theme: Superstar or paparazzi!

I hope you can come 😀


Update: It will be at 4:00 cp time on server ice berg INGORE THE WIDGET ON MY SITE

Permission please

Hey I am not quiting because on this one site lots of people apologized but anyway I noticed that I can not make a header for you. I need a different page if I want to. I have two things planed already. Though here is what you can chose

[A] Heat’s page

[B] Lucky’s page

So what do you say kopaka? Comment bellow or edit this page telling what you want.


Hey guys! My name is hoppybird6 and im so excited to be here! I dont have much to say so I guess hi. LOL! Im going to post alot of partys and soon some videos since I just got a camera. Well cya!