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Hey!!! If you noiticed I got a new theme and heder for you! If you dont like it then you can change it back. Plus I am going to have a picture party! I need the BEST looking star and three paparazzi‘s to be in my video so good luck!

When: August 27 at 7:00 cp time

Server: Snowball

Where: My Iggy on the map

Why: I am going to put pictures ON the blog

Theme: Superstar or paparazzi!

I hope you can come 😀


Update: It will be at 4:00 cp time on server ice berg INGORE THE WIDGET ON MY SITE


3 Responses

  1. Hey CP TDO Contestant. I know you got voted off and I feel bad. We need you to vote on my site(at the Club Penguin Total Drama Ocean page) and Pick out of the Final 3 who you want to win!! And Ive made something called the “15th Challenge” Its another chance for someone to win!!! So it could be you! Please place your vote and try to show up to the 15th Challenge date


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