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Hi guys its Kopaka! I got a sunburn yesterday 😦 I went swimming at my friends house and i forgot to put sunscreen on my back. So i got a sunburn on my back wherever my swimsuit didnt cover. AND IT STINGS REALLY BAD!!!!!!! I just took a shower and it hurts even more!!!! But it looks funny because its the pattern of my swimsuit. LOL!!!!! But i hope it goes away quickly!


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3 Responses

  1. ya sunburn sucks. And thanks for signing up and i only asked u to cause u won Cherreras CP TDA

  2. Well at least your sunburn was not peeling off! My sunburn a year ago peeled off when I was on vacation and you could see my skin when it wasn’t tan. Weird..

  3. um kopaka that probably wasnt a really good idea to take a shower. . . here wanna hear my sunburn story? OK so i was at my friends house who had a hot tub AND a pool. so we spent a couple hours in the pool and i got a REALLY bad sunburn. . . and it gets worse. so later that night his dad tells me it “Soothes” a sunburn if you get in the hot tub. . . . . . . . So i took his advice and spent about an HOUR in STEAMING HOT water. . . ya i was pretty annoyed the next morning. . . so for about the next month i had scabs on my shoulders. . . ya i also had second degree burns. so ya that my sunburn story. . . it sucked pretty bad

    Kopaka100 says: Lol i changed it to annoying

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