Hi guys its Kopaka! I got a sunburn yesterday 😦 I went swimming at my friends house and i forgot to put sunscreen on my back. So i got a sunburn on my back wherever my swimsuit didnt cover. AND IT STINGS REALLY BAD!!!!!!! I just took a shower and it hurts even more!!!! But it looks funny because its the pattern of my swimsuit. LOL!!!!! But i hope it goes away quickly!




Hey guys! My name is hoppybird6 and im so excited to be here! I dont have much to say so I guess hi. LOL! Im going to post alot of partys and soon some videos since I just got a camera. Well cya!

Change of server!

Hey guys dont forget about my party today! Its a new server!

Time: 1:00 Cp Time
Place: Kopaka100’s igloo on the map
Server: Glacier
Hope you can come!!

Fiesta la taco bell!

Well by the title you can see i went to taco bell  tonight. (Or if you dont speak spanish which i dont you might not have known lol) Well i had a regular taco with melted cheese and fiesta potatos!!!!! YUM!!!!!!! I love fiesta potatos!!!!! They are so good! Next time you go to taco bell try them! Also i will be making some new pages! So look out for them! They include: My stories page, Points page, And my Total Drama action! They will be fully finished my around August 4. Well i think thats about it! Cya!


Soccer practice and a party!

Hi guys! Its kopaka! So i had my first soccer practice yesterday! It was like 112 degrees outside!!! I like: OMG Why is it so hot out here?!?!  We got our uniforms and our team name is Inferno! So im also having a party! Heres the info!

Time: 1:00 CP time

Server: Snow board

Place: Kopaka100’s igloo on the map

Day: July 29

Hope to see you there!



Hey this is my new blog! Ill be working hard on it!!