Pandanda contest

Hey guys! Im trying to win a contest to get a 12 month member ship on pandanda! Go to ! It’s the coolest website for updates secrets contests and parties on the internet! (it could be at least :lol:)


Movie night was forgotten (by me)

Ok, Im sorry. I was working on our movie. Ill tell you the cast, Rythym, Nsdtv, Data762, and finnaly…… ME!  I dont even know what the movies called! 😆 Were trying our best to finish the movie! Im also sorry if you popped your best batch of popcorn and waited 😆

Sensei or Halloween?

OKAY FIRST OF ALL SENSI IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!! First a weird sky, then a volcano, and now a storm? What if its the halloween party. Last year it was like that so we can discover the true dojo, and on the halloween party when theres a flash of light it looks like you can see a ninja! Heres a pic.

CP Halloween Storm 2009

 Weird huh? Well I want to know what that Sensei is doing because its just plain crazy! I bet that Charmy will be getting driving nuts too (heh heh) ~Hopps!

Movie nights!

Hi guys! Its Kopaka. I just wanted to tell you, i will be having a movie night every Saturday! So when its Saturday pop some Popcorn, make a slushy, have a candy bar, and watch the movie! This weeks theme is…….. a Halloween Spook-O-Thon! So put on some sticky socks cause they might come off from the scariness! Remember every Saturday! Ok well I guess thats it!


Finally A Weekend!

Well its finally a weekend! I cant wait for my soccer game! Im also adding new widgets! So look for some updates to the site! 😀


Did you see my new gravatar?

Well i changed my gravatar. I also had my first track race today! It was TOUGH!!!!!!!! I mean it was like 1 mile! I got 22nd with a time of 8.38. I always kinda suck on the first race 😆


Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt Items!

First click the fireplace wood.

Next click the burning candle.

Now click the black puffle that looks different from the others.

Now click the lantern.

Click the hot sauce bottle now.

Now click the fire in the firepit.

Now click the jetpack.

Now click the left dojo lantern

Click “Claim Prize” and you will see that you have found the fire pin!

This is what it looks like on my player card. Personally, I think its cool!

Well hope this helps!

~Ko Ko aka Kopaka